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See the Space Shuttle Endeavour (SLIDE SHOW), veteran of 25 orbiter missions. We’ll view components of the shuttle and learn about the orbiter program’s strong California connection.


New discoveries in paleontology, nature’s bounty in the Gem & Mineral Hall, a rare T.Rex growth series, ancient Latin American art, and fun old-school dioramas await us at the Natural History Museum. We’ll go behind the scenes to watch scientists at work and celebrate the pursuit of understanding the natural world.


Relax and explore The Huntington’s multi-faceted display of renowned botanical gardens, one of the world’s greatest research libraries, and galleries of European and American art. We’ll take a look at the Huntington’s work on the history of science, medicine, and technology and visit a selection of its beautiful gardens.

  • The library’s holdings (spanning from the 11th century to the present, contain over 400,000 rare books, and over a million photographs, prints, and …) (SLIDE SHOW)
  • … and other ephemera (SLIDE SHOW)
  • One of eleven copies of the Gutenberg Bible (SLIDE SHOW)


Ascend Mount Wilson and visit the observatories where key discoveries unfurled modern understanding of the Sun, stars, and structure of the Universe. We’ll take a two-hour, one-mile walking tour of Mount Wilson Observatory’s facilities.
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Enjoy realtime observations through the the 100-inch Hooker telescope: You’ll personally observe through the same telescope where the first galaxy was discovered; Edwin Hubble discovered the Andromeda galaxy in 1923 using the Hooker telescope.


Participate in Griffith Observatory’s mission “to inspire everyone to observe, ponder, and understand the sky.” We’ll visit this informal educational site, take in a planetarium show, see an electrifying Tesla coil demonstration, and peruse the dozens of exhibits about the Universe.


Explore the far corners of the Solar System from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada-Flintridge, California. Planetary robotic spacecraft, space telescopes, and the NASA Deep Space Network are all in the JPL’s ballpark. We’ll take a 2.5 hour, 0.8 mile walking tour of campus involving multiple flights of stairs. Get an orientation to the JPL’s 80-year history, learn about the nuts and bolts of JPL’s work, and hear about the cutting edge work is doing in distant destinations.


Caltech is a community gathered to explore the big questions. During our brief interlude on campus, knowledge will expands and solutions to scientific and societal issues will arise around us. We’ll focus on the built environment that hosts and fosters Caltech’s people in an architectural tour of campus, with lunch at Caltech’s Atheneum.

NOTE: Our schedule is subject to change. Our hotel will be the Westin Bonaventure Hotel or similar/comparable.

PRICING: $3,275 pp, based on double occupancy. Add $1,000 for a single. Subtract $1,300 (or $650 pp if two people would share one room) if you would like to stay in your own hotel in Los Angeles (please note that all buses, on Days 2 through 5, only start from our group hotel and no other pickups are available). Subtract $375 if you are a CONFERENCE participant on the cruise. $575 to participate in Day 3 only (no hotel included). If you wish to upgrade to a Suite in our hotel, please call (650-787-5665) or email (