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Knopf MapGuides: Buenos Aires

Fodor’s Buenos Aires (Fodor’s Gold Guides) ... includes Side Trips to Gaucho Country, Iguazu, and Uruguay.

Fodor’s Buenos Aires, 2nd Edition: With Side Trips to Gaucho Country, Iguazu, and Uruguay

Food and Drink in Argentina: A Guide for Tourists and Residents — Travelers who feel at ease traveling in Spain or Mexico very quickly realize that the food terms useful there are not the same in Argentina. Waves of European immigration has expanded the cuisine from its Incan, Guaraní and Spanish influences. And then there are those fabulous wines! This pocket-sized full-color guide gives the culinary history, food terms and recipes of the regions. In addition, you’ll discover the best restaurants in which to eat, great bars to explore, and the best vineyards to sample fabulous wine.

In PatagoniaIn Patagonia is Bruce Chatwin’s exquisite account of his journey through “the uttermost part of the earth,” that stretch of land at the southern tip of South America, where bandits were once made welcome and Charles Darwin formed part of his “survival of the fittest” theory. Chatwin’s evocative descriptions, notes on the odd history of the region, and enchanting anecdotes make In Patagonia an exhilarating look at a place that still retains the exotic mystery of a far-off, unseen land. An instant classic upon publication in 1977, In Patagonia remains a masterwork of literature.

Fodor’s Patagonia (Fodor’s Gold Guides) — Patagonia is the ultimate dream destination. Whether you want to cruise the Magellan Straits, see penguins or killer whales, or sit by the fire in a lodge that overlooks the peaks of Parque National Torres del Paine, you will be able to choose your ultimate adventure with Fodor’s Patagonia. Featuring complete coverage of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, from the Lakes Districts to Tierra del Fuego, Fodor’s Patagonia helps you navigate a journey to the ends of the earth.

Argentina: A Traveler’s Literary Companion — This vital collection of stories, vignettes, and prose poems takes readers on a literary journey that climbs the Andes Mountains, navigates the great River Plate, and traverses the expansive plains of the Pampas. Moving beyond the cultural icons associated with Argentina (such as gauchos, tango, and maté), these works reflect the country’s strong cultural and literary traditions, challenging readers’ imaginations while rousing their emotions. The book’s handy pocket size makes it an ideal companion for visitors to Argentina.


Fodor’s Buenos Aires, 2nd Edition: With Side Trips to Gaucho Country, Iguazu, and Uruguay

Uruguay (Bradt Travel Guide) — Bradt will publish this Uruguay Travel Guide in August 2010, which will be worth considering. [Insight Cruises]

Days and Nights of Love and War — Days and Nights of Love and War is the personal testimony of one of Latin America’s foremost contemporary political writers. In this fascinating journal and eloquent history, Eduardo Galeano movingly records the lives of struggles of the Latin American people, under two decades of unimaginable violence and extreme repression. Alternating between reportage, personal vignettes, interviews, travelogues, and folklore, and richly conveyed with anger, sadness, irony, and occasional humor, Galeano pays loving tribute to the courage and determination of those who continued to believe in, and fight for, a more human existence. The Lannan Foundation awarded the 1999 Cultural Prize for Freedom to Eduardo Galeano, in recognition of those ‘whose extraordinary and courageous work celebrates the human right to freedom of imagination, inquiry and expression’.


The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife: Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern OceanThe Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife is a remarkable book, probably the most complete general work on the topic ever produced, with more than 500 color photographs, 35 color plates, and a 381-item bibliography. But these numbers tell only part of the story. The photographs are, almost without exception, simply terrific, representing the best work of 52 different photographers, each shot chosen for it beauty or its ability to show a particular aspect of the animal’s identifying characteristics ... an amazing and valuable book.

Birds And Mammals of the Antarctic, Subantartic, and Falkland Islands — For a more portable, basic, orientation to wildlife book, this is probably the ticket. [InSight Cruises]

The Battle for the Falklands — “A small gem of military and naval history reminiscent in many ways of Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August. The authors have two stories to tell. The first is a brilliant narration of a short, violent clash in the freezing fogs and mountainous seas of the South Atlantic. The other is an informed analysis of the political decision-making that led to the conflict, raising those larger questions of war and peace which modern man approaches on bended knee.” [Washington Post Book World] “Will probably endure as the standard history of the campaign.” [New York Times]


The Rough Guide to Chile

The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems (Bilingual Edition) — This collection of Neruda’s most essential poems will prove indispensable. Selected by a team of poets and prominent Neruda scholars in both Chile and the U.S., this is a definitive selection that draws from the entire breadth and width of Neruda’s various styles and themes. Pablo Neruda was born in Chile in 1904. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

Tasting Chile: A Celebration of Authentic Chilean Foods and Wines — Tasting Chile is a comprehensive guide to the culinary treasures of this South American nation. More than 2,500 miles of coastline yield a diverse selection of fish preparations. Fertile valleys produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and have spawned a booming wine industry. This book presents Chilean cuisine along with cultural information, a chapter on Chilean wines, and a Spanish-English dictionary of Chilean fish and shellfish. Tasting Chile puts the native cuisine into context by describing staple ingredients and the influences other countries and cultures have had upon it.

Chile: A Traveler’s Literary Companion — Traverse Chile’s diverse literary and geographic landscape with its best contemporary writers. Arranged geographically, these 20 stories — many of which appear in English for the first time — guide the reader through Chile’s unique regions. Let Ariel Dorfman take you to Santiago with a prodigal son, discovering his own country for the first time; travel to the remote south with Enrique Valdes; and enjoy the charms of Valparaiso with Pablo Neruda, one of Chile’s two Nobel Prize winners. With the return of democracy to Chile, large numbers of Americans and Chilean expatriates are rediscovering the rich cultural allure of Chile, as well as the draw of its unrivaled ecodiversity. Chile is an excellent literary guide for globetrotters and armchair travelers alike — for those new to Chile as well as those familiar with its charms.

Birds of Chile (Princeton Field Guides) — “Rarely does a field guide of this caliber debut as its country’s first. Birds of Chile offers not just perfect field-portability, beautiful and accurate artwork with facing text, and clarity and conciseness throughout: it presents genuinely new scholarship on the field identification of several cryptic and difficult groups, as well as on the modern geographic distribution of Chile’s birds. Those who bird Chile will find the combined brilliance of Jaramillo, Burke, and Beadle indispensable in the field and by the fireside.” [Ned Brinkley, Editor, North American Birds]