MacMania 15 Speakers

Australia Eclipse  • November 7th – 21st, 2012



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Don McAllister is the host and producer of the successful weekly video podcast ScreenCastsOnline. As one of the podcasting pioneers, Don has been producing ScreenCastsOnline since August 2005 and has achieved over 5,000,000 downloads of his popular weekly show delivering video tutorials on Apple Mac and iPhone/iPad software, to a global audience.

In March 2006, Don gave up his day job in Corporate IT, became a full time podcaster and introduced one of the first paid for premium subscription-based podcast services. Don combines his weekly tutorials with podcasting consultancy, and the production of video tutorials for corporate customers including Apple, SWSoft (Parallels), The Omni Group, 37 Signals, RealMac Software, Smile Software, and many, many others. Dons video tutorials are also regularly featured in the UK iCreate and MacFormat magazines.

Gaining a growing reputation as a popular and engaging speaker and trainer, Don is a regular speaker at many International events including Macworld Expo in San Francisco and BlogWorld and New Media Expo in L.A along with many training sessions and seminars in the UK.

As well as his own podcast, Don is a regular member of MacBreak Weekly, BagelTech Mac, The Mac Roundtable, MacVoices, and The MacJury podcasts as well as a contributor to many other popular podcasts.

Don still lives in his home town, Liverpool in the U.K, with his wife Barbara, two teenage children, and two cats.


Allison Sheridan is the host of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast — a technology geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias — which has been running for over six years with more than 300 episodes. She produces her show weekly as audio and also broadcasts the creation of the show live on video every week to an audience who affectionately call themselves the NosillaCastaways.

Allison is an active member of the Mac Roundtable, producing bi-monthly shows all about the Mac. Allison is also host of the podcast training series Podcasting on Podcasting which has helped many a budding podcaster get their shows off the ground. She enjoys teaching through podcasting as well as written tutorials on all kinds of technology subjects.

In her day job Allison is an engineer and an IT fellow with over 30 years in industry. Her thirst for technology started with Apple with the Mac 512K in 1984, and blossomed into a love of gadgets and applications and operating systems.

Allison has an avid interest in assistive technologies, especially for the blind. She is fascinated at what we can accomplish without being able to see and promotes accessibility solutions wherever she can so everyone can participate.


Sal Soghoian is widely touted as “the” AppleScript Guru and driving force behind the continued expansion and acceptance of AppleScript. He began scripting in 1992, after discovering AppleScript could automate the publishing-related tasks at his service bureau. After spending years as an early “online evangelist,” Sal continued to serve the AppleScript community as the AppleScript Product Manager at Apple. Throughout his tenure, AppleScript’s importance, use, and integration has grown, becoming the indispensable tool for automation and communication on the Mac.

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