MacMania 12 Seminars

Pacific Coast • September 9–19, 2011




The conference fee is $1,095 and includes all MacMania 12 courses below.

• • • DAVID POGUE • • •

iPhoto: The Missing Manual (90 minutes)

In this tippy, tricky session, David Pogue, author of iPhoto: The Missing Manual, takes you far deeper into iPhoto than you’ve thought it possible to go. He shows you how to master the underlying folder structure of iPhoto’s digital shoebox on your hard drive, making it possible to back up, split, and merge photo libraries; how to store your photos on the drive you choose, not Apple; and enough additional tips and tricks to make give you the digital-photography bug worse than you’ve ever had it before.

Best of all, he’ll show you how to use iPhoto and Photoshop as springboards to do more with your photos: edit and crop them for the greatest impact, create Web-page galleries of them, build musical slide shows on DVD for unforgettable gifts, and much more.

iMovie: The Missing Manual (90 minutes)

Mac fans screamed bloody murder when Apple abandoned its beloved iMovie program and replaced it with iMovie — a totally different program with the same name but not nearly as many features.

Over time, though, Apple has been quietly restoring features and adding new ones that have never before appeared in a home video-editing program, like color correction, video stabilization, and direct publishing to YouTube.

This is a live, fast, funny session, during which we’ll make an actual short film, using the audience as actors, and using the latest version of iMovie as the engine. You’ll see why the “new” iMovie deserves a second long look.

Inside Mac OS X (90 minutes)

Mac OS X has been quietly creeping up in the world, gaining market share and fans — and David Pogue has been quietly amassing the world’s juiciest selections of tips, tricks, shortcuts and workarounds. In this funny, informative session, he’ll share with you the very best of them, saving you the price of his book, Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, on which this class is based. (He’ll cover Snow Leopard or whatever the latest Mac OS X version is.)

Heck, if you don’t learn at least five great new techniques from this class, your note-taking time will be cheerfully refunded.

The iPad: Flat and Infinite (90 minutes)

It’s not just a “big iPod Touch.” It’s not “like a laptop without a keyboard.” The iPad is a new category unto itself. It runs apps, it’s multitouch, it’s a glorious ebook reader — and it’s just crawling with tips and tricks. David Pogue will be your guide; keep hands and feet inside the tram at all times.


Getting Social (90 minutes)

Confused by Twitter? Wonder why there isn’t an “unlike” button on Facebook? And does anyone still use MySpace? What about YouTube? Foursquare? Should I use both LinkedIn and FaceBook, for entirely different things? Are there really kids who have never sent email, but send 1000 text messages a day? Podcast producer and social media expert Randal Schwartz guides you through the interactive landscape. Would you like to be fluent in this powerful social trend? If you’d like to get a unified picture of social media so you can connect with friends and family and get your message out there, this session will get you in the groove.

50 OS X Applications Under $50 (90 minutes)

Of the grillions of OS X apps out there, what tools would a connoisseur of Mac freebies actually spend money on? How do you identify the keepers? Get the lowdown on an expert’s rigorously screened, cherished set of utilities and daily-use applications that are all under $50, and which Randal Schwartz says are darn well worth the money. Which are his favorites, and which could become your favorites? Get criteria for selecting tools, and usage hints on how you can harness these nifty “gadgets” for better productivity.

The iPhone and Your Road Life (90 minutes)

Wondering how to optimally integrate iPhone’s features into your road life? It can seem complicated — apps, accounts, and routines. Randal Schwartz who travels 30 weeks per year, every year shows you how he quickly implemented his iPhone as a hub of his traveling lifestyle. In this case study, you’ll learn how to bring iPhone features and functionality together to better support your road life.

Taking Better Digital Pictures (90 minutes)

Sure, the new digital cameras have a big “automatic” button. But the best pictures are taken when you understand why automatic isn’t always the best, and take a little (or a lot of) control yourself. Find out how in a practical session shaped by an gadget guy’s decades’s worth of experience with many camera models. Take a look at the key building blocks of compelling digital images and take better pictures. How do you help your photo tell a clear story? Are more pixels always better? Get the answers and simple ways to customize camera settings and digital image results.

How To Handle 1000 Photos a Day (and Publish 100 of the Best) (90 minutes)

Take a lot of photos when you travel? Would you like to minimize the work of polishing and “publishing” while maximizing your artistic exposure? Learn how to manage this kind of work flow when it’s not part of your “day job”. Randal will tap his experience with major photo throughput and will show you how to use the best tools, including Aperture, HoudahGeo, FlickrExporter, and the Flickr interface to document your travel experiences and share your best digital photos.

• • • SAL SOGHOIAN • • •

Introduction to Mac OS X Automation (90 minutes)

The “hidden gem” of Mac OS X is its suite of incredible automation technologies, including AppleScript, Automator, and Services. Unrivaled in power and abilities, these built-in tools are ready to save you time and toil. Take a few moments to finally learn how to take advantage of these unique technologies in a relaxed “learn-by-doing” class. A great opportunity, don’t miss it!

More Fun with Services (90 minutes)

Don’t miss this class. Services in Mac OS X is like a big Lego set where you join pieces and blocks of OS goodness together to create downright useful gadgets that show up when and where you need them. Think of Services as Apps you make yourself If you want to impress your friends with what you learned on the cruise, this is the class to take. Best of all, it’s easy and fun.

Automating the Creation of iPad Content (90 minutes)

As the demand for content for iPad increases, so does the need for tools to create that content. Mac OS X offers integrated automation technologies and tools, including Automator, Services, and AppleScript, ideal for the preparation and generation of content for the iPad. Geared towards professional and non-professionals alike, this session will include hands-on tutorials covering how to use the automation technologies of Mac OS X to create and distribute HTML-based content for iPad.

Master Your iPad (90 minutes)

The iPad is a game-changing device that can quickly become indispensable. Its easy interface combines simplicity with ability, enabling easy access to essential information. In this class, you’ll explore the iPad’s variety of uses: from browsing books, managing email, navigating maps, to building documents, presentations, and even mastering the art of finger-painting!

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