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NORWEGIAN FJORDS • JULY 5th – 15th, 2013





Pre-Cruise: July 2 (£ 199*)

Join us visiting two timeless treasures in a day designed to bring British history to life. Enhance your knowledge of Britain’s history with an idyllic day trip to Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. They are related yet differing demonstrations of British monarchy, nationhood, and domesticity.

It’s good to be Queen, and the evidence is all about you at 1,000 year old Windsor Castle. Rubens, Rembrandt, and a remarkable collection of fine art envelope you in history — rich chambers and corridors. Go behind the scenes at the legendary seat of the House of Windsor.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court (also known as King Henry VIII’s summer palace) is a place of royal passions and competing interests. Pomp and consequence, subterfuge and service inform the history of the palace. Our visit will put the juxtaposed Tudor and Baroque architecture, larger than life personalities, exquisite Chapel Royal, and magnificent gardens in historical context for you.

Pre-Cruise: July 3 (£ 199*)

Pass a day in southern England on the Salisbury Plains and Somerset Hills, absorbing the history of two spots with ancient cultural roots.

Mute, mysterious, and megalithic, Stonehenge calls to us across the millennia. We’ll respond, and walk the site in its details. Learn the significant geography, the archaeological and astronomical background, and the key stone names. But those are just the facts — the memories and true meaning of Stonehenge will be up to you.

Summer Palace, China

Bath beckons the seasoned traveler. It has scenic beauty, true. People are drawn to Bath to see its honey-colored Bath limestone buildings, and to explore its 2,000 year history as a place of relaxation and restoration. Plumb the details and nuances of Bath’s fusion of architecture, culture, and history in a city with many echos of, and homages to, the ancient world, while embodying the Georgian worldview.

Pre-Cruise: July 4 (£ 199*)

Take the road less traveled in London, visiting two less well known gems of the City, both uniquely fascinating and inspiring.

Courage, duty, shared sacrifice, and conviction are the foundation of the Churchill Cabinet War Rooms. Hidden in plain sight in the heart of London, a scant 600 miles from Berlin. Step back in time and discover how Churchill and Britain’s government functioned in secrecy in these quarters, from the Blitz to VE Day. The furnishings, maps, and ephemera are as they were on VE day, May 8, 1945. Hear the stories and imagine life under bombardment in the simple and inspiring environment of the Cabinet War Rooms.

Bright Observatory

Are you the precise type? Are you a fan of Google maps or GPS? Or Cutty Sark? Join us on a tour of maritime Greenwich, where our prime objective is visiting the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, home of the Prime Meridian of the World and Greenwich Mean Time. Stroll a deeply historic corner of London significant in local, national, and international culture. See the Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the tea clipper Cutty Sark, and the Royal Naval College. Master the lingo of time — UT0, UT1, UTC, and GMT. Stand astride two hemisperes on the Prime Meridian, a moment sure to be recorded on your timeline.

*NOTE: Price quoted in British Pounds. All transportation, entrance fees, lunch, and licensed guides are included.

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HARWICH, UK — Friday, July 5, 2013

A quintessential sea port, one of England’s five haven ports. The Harwich region has been settled since early meieval times and is part of the county of Essex. Harwich is important as a safe anchorage between the Thames and Humber Rivers, and has been a naval base for 350 years.

The port is about an hour’s bus ride from our downtown London hotel, The St. James Crowne Plaza.

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OSLO, NORWAY — Sunday, July 7, 2013

Evergreen hills, public sculpture, and numerous small, focused museums are among the pleasure Oslo offers. Get acquainted with Viking archaeology and local seafood in town, and take in harborside peoplewatching. Among the museums are the Viking Ship Museum, the Nobel Prize Peace Center, the Munch Museum, and The Norsk Folkemuseum.

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STAVANGER, NORWAY — Monday, July 8, 2013

Oil Capital of Norway, home of NATO’s Joint Warfare Center, and university town, Stavanger is a busy place. Many travelers visit Stavanger to enjoy Lysefjord, home of Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock).

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OLDEN, NORWAY — Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sheer scenic beauty, abundant waterfalls, and glaciers lead travelers to Olden on the Nordfjord. The Olden region includes Briksdalsbreen Glacier, a branch of the largest mainland glacier in Europe, Jostedalsbreen National Park, and Hornindalsvatnet Lake, the deepest in Europe (1,686 ft deep).

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ÅLESUND, NORWAY — Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A spot of great natural beauty, Ålesund spans an archipeligo between the Sunmore Alps and the North Sea. The city is known for its more than 350 Art Nouveau structures and is part of the Art Nouveau European Route.

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GEIRANGER, NORWAY — Thursday, July 11, 2013

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geirangerfjord (with its neighbor Nærøyfjord) is known for its strikingly steep walls and the Seven Sisters and the Suitor waterfalls. Geirangerfjord is often cited as one of the most scenic spots in the world.

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Union Hotel

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FLÅM, NORWAY — Friday, July 12, 2013

Situated along the Sognefjord, with its stave churches, Flåm is the site of the Flåm Railway, where you can take a legendary train journey along the steepest unassisted railway climb in the world.

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BERGEN, NORWAY — Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bergen has been a dynamic city since the early medieval period and Hanseatic League days. Surrounded by the Seven Mountains, Bergen is noted for its scenic beauty. The old harbor, Bryggen, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city has a deep musical culture, spanning from native Edvard Grieg’s time to contemporary classical, jazz, and rock scenes.

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