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Please join us in the InSight Cruises community. We've been providing cruise events for technology buffs and their friends and family since 2000. An InSightCruise is a delightful, vibrant event — among real, involved, diverse, interesting people. As you consider the invitation to accompany your spouse on a InSightCruise, we have a few questions for you:

  1. Would you like to eat with the InSight Cruises community in the Dining Room? We initially sit at tables grouped by potential shared qualities, and then you're free to table hop and do your own thing.
  2. Looking for an intimate moment with your special someone or family? You can schedule a quiet, luxurious meal in the elegant Pinnacle Grill
  3. Action packed, high-energy day? Visit the Lido Buffet for wide choice, healthy fare, and casual dining.
  4. Or do you want a quiet dinner on your own verandah? Excellent room service is just a one-button click away!

Come along with us. You'll be joining a group of people who share interests, experience, new ideas, and good laughs. People who have rich, grounded, complicated lives — like you!

Photograph of Neil and Theresa

Neil Bauman and Theresa Mazich, M.D. are co-founders of InSight Cruises. They are firm believers that education and travel foster personal growth and creativity that inspires one to work toward the world’s well being.

InSight Cruises have convened regularly since 2000:

  Evolution Emanation Feb '09 E. Mediterranean
Bright Horizons 2 Dec '08 E. Caribbean
  MacMania 8 Nov '08 E. Mediterranean
Shakespeare at Sea 2 Nov '08 E. Caribbean
  Classical Latitude Oct '08 Mediterranean
Photoshop Fling 5 Feb '08 E. Caribbean
  Bright Horizons Jan '08 W. Caribbean
Chess Moves 3 Jan '08 E. Caribbean
  Shakespeare at Sea Nov '07 Panama Canal
  Mac Mania 7 Nov '07 Panama Canal
Opera Odyssey 1 June '07 Baltic Sea
Aperture Aura May '07 Alaska
MacMania 6 May '07 Alaska
PC Paradise Feb. '07 E. Caribbean
Photoshop Fling 4 Feb. '07 E. Caribbean
MacMania 5 Oct.'06 W.Caribbean
Arctic Exposure 3 Aug.'06 Alaska
Chess Moves 2 Aug.'06 Alaska
Roamin' Reflection Jul.'06 E.Mediterranean
MacMania 4.5 Jul.'06 E.Mediterranean
Photoshop Fling 3 Feb.'06 Mexican Riviera
Mac Mania 4 Feb.'06 Mexican Riviera
Chess Moves 1 Jan.'06 E.Caribbean
Website Wave Oct.'05 E.Caribbean
Perl Whirl 5 Oct.'05 S.W.Caribbean
Linux Lunacy 5 Oct.'05 S.W.Caribbean
Northern Light Jun.'05 Baltic Sea
MacMania 3.5 Jun.'05 Baltic Sea
Photoshop Fling 2 Feb.'05 Mexico/Yucatan Peninsula
Caribbean Click 2 Jan.'04 E.Caribbean
.Net Nirvana 3 Dec.'04 E.Caribbean
Mac Mania 3 Nov.'04 E.Caribbean
MySQL Swell Oct.'04 E.Mediterranean
Perl Whirl 4 Oct.'04 E.Mediterranean
Linux Lunacy 4 Oct.'04 E.Mediterranean
Arctic Exposure 2 Jun.'04 Alaska
Web Services at Sea May '04 E.Caribbean
Photoshop Fling 1 Feb.'04 E.Caribbean
Illiad's Oditty Oct.'03 E.Caribbean
Caribbean Click 1 Oct.'03 E.Caribbean
Linux Lunacy 3 Sep.'03 Alaska
Arctic Exposure 1 Jun.'03 Alaska
Perl Whirl 3 Jun.'03 Hawaii
Mac Mania 2 Jun.'03 Hawaii
.Net Nirvana 2 Feb.'03 W.Caribbean
Certification Sail 2 Nov.'02 W.Caribbean
Linux Lunacy 2 Oct.'02 W.Caribbean
Java Jam 3 Sep.'02 Alaska
Mac Mania 1 May '02 Alaska
Oracle Odyssey May '02 Mexico/Sea of Cortez
Certification Sail May '02 Mexico/Sea of Cortez
.Net Nirvana Apr.'02 W.Caribbean
Perl Whirl 2 Jan.'02 E.Caribbean
Java Jam 2 Nov.'01 W.Caribbean
Linux Lunacy 1 Oct.'01 E.Caribbean
Script 'Scape Aug.'01 Alaska
Database Discovery Jun.'01 Alaska
XML Excursion Jan.'01 S.Caribbean
Java Jam 2000 Nov.'00 W.Caribbean
Perl Whirl 2000 May '00      Alaska

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