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Our Trip Into The Canal

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The conference fee is $1,275 and includes all 20 seminars below. You may take every class — i.e., there will be no overlap as only one class will be going on at any one time. Classes only take place when we’re at sea, between 8:30am and 7:30pm (Program Guide). (For PDFs of the speaker’s slides click on the name of talk on the SEMINARS page.)

small bullet The History of Life on Earth

small bullet The Evolution of the Genetic Code

small bullet The Emergence of an Amino Acid "Alphabet"

small bullet The Origin of Life — Here on Earth ... and Elsewhere?

small bullet On the Origin of Species, Really

small bullet Evolution and Natural Selection — Are the Winners Always the Fittest?

small bullet Genetics, Genomics, and You: Don't Fear Your Genotype!

small bullet 1859: The Impact of a Dangerous Idea

small bullet How Do We Know It's True? The Evidence for Evolution

small bullet Unconscious Design: Natural Selection

small bullet Mimicry: The Evolution of Duplicity

small bullet Sex and Selection

small bullet Evolution Today: What About Us? What Remains to be Done?

small bullet Evolution of Individuality and Complexity Through Cooperation and Conflict

small bullet Teaching the Evolution of Complexity: Intelligent Design or Darwinian Evolution?

small bullet Evolution of Sex and the Immortality of Life


small bullet The Mathematics of Mind: Exploring the Formal Foundations of Human Thought

small bullet How Machine Learning Affects Your Life, and Could Explain How People Think

small bullet Out of the Armchair and Into the Lab: How Cognitive Psychology Can Help Us Answer Philosophical Questions

small bullet From Magic to Muons: Why People Believe in Strange Things

Our program is offered when we’re at sea. This program is subject to change, though these web pages will be kept up to date.


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Click a Tab for Shore Excursions

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — Friday, February 27, 2008

»» Ft. Lauderdale Excursion Details »»

HALF MOON CAY, BAHAMAS — Saturday, February 28

Holland America Line's pristine private island offers everything you need for a day of play in paradise: a two-mile crescent of perfect beach; an interior lagoon; private beachside cabanas with showers, misters, and butlers; watersports and activities, including a children's aqua park, nature hikes, and a personal watercraft course. In spite of HAL's use of 2% of this 1,700-acre island, it is so pristine and unspoiled that it has been designated a Wild Bird Reserve by the Bahamian National Trust.

»» Half Moon Cay Map & General Info. »»

»» Half Moon Cay Excursion Details »»

ORANJESTAD, ARUBA — Monday, March 2

A Dutch jewel with a tropical touch. In Oranjestad, Aruba's capital, explore the colorful floating market and Nassaustraat, brimming with quaint shops. Head for the beach where water sports abound: snorkeling, rides on glass bottom boats and submarines. Or venture into the countryside to see the haunts of the huge green parakeet, the unique rock gardens of Casi Bari, the curious divi divi tree, forever bending in the tradewind breezes.

»» Aruba Excursion Details »»

WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO — Tuesday, March 3

An isle of Dutch treats with the climate of coastal Venezuela? It's none other than Curacao, with Amsterdam-style gabled storybook houses in the Punda section, duty-free Delftware always on sale, and the famous Curacao orange-flavored liqueur that now also comes in blue (surely a sign of the times!).

»» Curaçao Excursion Details »»

PANAMA CANAL — Thursday, March 5

Gatun Lake (where all HAL shore excursions start for this day) is key to supplying the water necessary to operate the locks system. Formed by an earthen dam across the Chagres River to keep the water 85 feet above sea level, the water runs downhill to fill the locks. No pumps, no power other than the force of gravity! Fact: It will take about 52 million gallons of water to float your Holland America ship through the locks. Sample shore excursions: Gatun Locks & Kayak in the Canal; Panama Railway; Portobelo Market Town & the Panama Canal; The Canal Experience.

»» Panama Canal Schematic »»

»» Construction Event of the Century »»

»» Panama Canal Excursion Details »»


From Costa Rica's Caribbean coast go in search of iridescent blue morpho butterflies, sloths, turtle nesting grounds and wise old shamans. Explore the capital city of San Jose, where museums beckon and markets burst with luscious local tastes — mangoes, bananas, pineapples, papayas. Sample shore excursions: Sloth Sanctuary & Canoe Adventure; The Tortuguero Canals; San José Town & Country; Nature Walk at the Shaman's Land; The Old Banana Route Jungle Train

»» Puerto Limón Excursion Details »»




Cruise prices vary from $1,529 for an Inside Stateroom to $5,199 for a Full Suite, per person. (Cruise pricing is subject to change. InSight Cruises will generally match the cruise pricing offered at the Holland America website at the time of booking.) For those attending our SEMINARS, there is a $1,275 fee. Taxes are $235.35 per person. All prices and fees are detailed on the BOOK NOW page.

For a detailed listing of the cruise itinerary please review our ITINERARY page.

Use our PRICING CALCULATOR for a quick price quote! For questions, please don't hestitate in calling Neil Bauman at (650-787-5665) or emailing Neil.


Steve Mirsky, M.Sc.
Editor, Scientfic American

Jerry Coyne, Ph.D.
Stephen J. Freeland, Ph.D.
Thomas Grifiths, Ph.D.
Tania Lombrozo, Ph.D.
Richard Michod, Ph.D.
Mohamed A.F. Noor, Ph.D.

Speakers have confirmed their intent to participate; however, scheduling conflicts may arise.



Our trip into the Canal

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