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MacManiaTM 9

CHINA   /   S. KOREA   /   JAPAN   •   JULY 11TH – 17TH, 2009

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Friday, July 3–11, 2009

A fabulous, definitive, high-end eight-day excursion through China taking in Tian'anmen Square, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City in Beijing; the Great Wall; Xi’an and its Terra Cotta warriors; Guilin and a look at rural village life. This tour was designed specifically for MacMania guests and is provided by our colleagues at Imperial Tours

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Friday, July 17–20

This three-night mini-Beijing tour hits the “must see” tourist spots in and around Beijing: The Great Wall; Temple of Heaven; Open-Air Market; Tian’anmen Square; and Forbidden City.

INCLUDED: Three breakfasts, three lunches, three fabulous and first-class dinners; three nights at a five-star Beijing hotel; services of a Western bilingual China Host and local tour guides; all land transportation; entrance fees to all tourist sites (as listed on the itinerary); local guide and driver gratuities; and baggage handling, domestic airport, city and hotel taxes. $1,950 per person, based on double occupancy.

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Saturday, July 18–23

An indepth total Solar Eclipse experience with the editors of Sky and Telescope magazine, along with an extended look at historic Shanghai, and a trip to “the silk city”, Suzhou. This tour is provided by our colleagues at TravelQuest International. Book now — this excursion will sell out.

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TIANJIN, CHINA — Saturday, July 11

Tianjin's name means "the place where the emperor crossed the river." It is the home port for MacMania 9. If you'd like a more extensive look at China while you're in the neighborhood, you may want to consider a pre-cruise tour of China, or one of two post-cruise land-based adventures. We have arranged an eight-day pre-MacMania tour of China spanning Beijing, Xi'an, and Guilin with Imperial Tours (details to the left in column 1). Post-cruise, we have arranged for guests who would like to see Shanghai and the total solar eclipse to do so through a six-night trip with our colleagues at TravelQuest International (details in column 1). We have also prepared a three-night Beijing-based post-cruise excursion to The Great Wall (see “POST-CRUISE OPTION 1” in column 1).

The only pre-cruise tour option we offer is described in column 1. There will be two post-cruise tours: The Great Wall of China one-night stayover and a separate six-night Solar Eclipse trip in and around Shanghai (details in column 1).

CHEJU, SOUTH KOREA — Monday, July 13

Cheju (or Jeju) island a UNESCO World (Natural) Heritage site because of its volcanic nature and extensive network of lava tubes (or "lateral volcanoes"). The island has many caves which are sites of scientific research and tourism. Hallasan, the highest mountain in Korea, is the site of hiking and nature activities. Jeju's white beaches and cobalt waters (populated by many species of exotic fish), the marvelous Chunjeyun and Chungbang waterfalls, and the agricultural countryside complete the breathtaking scenery of this wonderful paradise island.

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FUKUOKA, JAPAN — Tuesday, July 14

Fukuoka, you say? It's widely recognized as a lively place, owing to its position as a hub of shipping and business, its young population (on average 38) and abundance of cultural and recreational attractions. Fukuoka is said to be the oldest city in Japan, with a documented history going back more than 1400 years. Kublai Khan invaded the area in the 13th century. But the kicker for MacMania's stop in Fukuoka? We visit the day before the climax of the annual Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. Fifteen days of celebration — part religious observance, part endurance test, part culminating race — whose central feature is the city-wide display of multi-ton floats, followed by a race run by teams of men carrying the multi-ton floats. The floats depict key historic and legendary tales, the event is considered an important intangible aspect of Japanese culture, and you'll get a sampling of an authentic slice of Japanese life on Mac Mania 9.

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NAGASAKI, JAPAN — Wednesday, July 15

Nagasaki resonates on many levels. Of course, it is the site of a nuclear bomb in World War II, and offers visitors the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park for reflection. Nagasaki has other faces, too. It played a pivotal role in the modernization of Japan, as a central focus of the 16th century interaction between the Japanese, the Spanish, and the Portuguese. Japan encountered Westerners and Christianity in that era. Fast forward 200 sequestered years, and Nagasaki is the focus of Commodore Perry's fleet, and the setting for Puccini's Madame Butterfly. Whether World War II history, early globalization, or the city's numerous gardens are your theme, Nagasaki offers a day of action and new understandings.

Costa Cruises offer an excursion to "Huis ten Bosh", the Dutch-themed resort park along the coast of Omura Bay; this popular tourist attraction includes tens of thousands of trees and enormous flower beds, restaurants, theatres, and museums. In addition, Costa offers tours to Glover Garden and the Museum of History and Culture.

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Andy Ihnatko  •  Don McAllister
Leo Laporte  •  Derrick Story

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