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MacMania 10 Seminars

Bermuda • May 2nd – 9th, 2010








The conference fee is $1,095 and includes all MacMania 10 courses below, four parties, and the MacMania Ingenious Bar.

• • • DAVID POGUE • • •

iPhone: The Next Generation (90 minutes)

The iPhone is no longer a novelty; with 40 million people multi-tapping away on its touch screen (and the iPod Touch’s), this iPod/cellphone/wireless Internet terminal has become as standard as, well, the iPod.

David Pogue, New York Times tech columnist and author of iPhone: The Missing Manual, will take you through the very latest developments concerning the iPhone, its features, its hidden powers, and its backdoors. This time around, he’ll also introduce you to, ahem, Product X—Apple’s much-awaited iPhone spinoff product.

Inside Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” (90 minutes)

Join this highly entertaining session as NY Times columnist David Pogue makes Apple’s newest Mac OS X operating system — Snow Leopard version 10.6 — sing, dance, and walk on its head. Witness a parade of undocumented shortcuts, walk through the updated apps, and discover the power of the Unix system that powers the whole thing. Based on his book Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual, this session is, in particular, a life preserver tossed to anyone who’s interested in finding out which of the 150 new Snow Leopard features are worth learning, and which old features wound up in new places.

David Pogue’s Efficiency Handbook (90 minutes)

NY Times columnist David Pogue writes 100 columns a year; maintains a daily blog; writes and stars in a comic tech video each week for CNBC and the Web; speaks at 35 conferences a year; Twitters every night; writes five Missing Manuals a year; and his first children’s novel will be published early next year. Oh, and he’s a very involved father of three. How does he get it all done?

By mastering today’s efficiency technologies. His secrets involve speech recognition software, macros up the wazoo, typing-expansion software, mail rules, a networkable calendar, and an unorthodox email filing system that keeps it all organized. In this first-ever session, he’ll show you exactly how it all works.

Digital Photography: The Missing Manual (90 minutes)

These days, digital photography is just about the only kind there is. But it means having to learn both the art of photography and the science of managing photos on the computer. David Pogue, author of Digital Photography: The Missing Manual, shows you the ropes of both.

• • • JOSIMAR KING • • •

iPhoto ’09 (90 minutes)

Getting into digital photography? Learn how to make jumbo prints, edit and enhance your photos, and publish your photos to the web. We’ll also demonstrate how easy it is to organize and share your photos, by creating a Photocast album.

Numbers ’09 (90 minutes)

Introducing Numbers ’09, the spreadsheet you’ve been waiting for — and already know how to use. Innovative, powerful, and intuitive, Numbers ’09 lets you do everything from setting up your family budget to completing a lab report to creating detailed financial documents.

iMovie ’09 (90 minutes)

In this session, you’ll learn how to create your own digital video masterpieces to put on your shelf next to the Hollywood blockbusters. We’ll show you how to edit your digital footage in iMovie using several of its innovative tools.

iDVD ’09 (90 minutes)

Learn how easy it is to create dazzling DVDs, now in widescreen format. Choose a theme, add movies and photos, and voila! Burn a DVD with one click.

Pages ’09 (90 minutes)

Stationery, newsletters, resumes, brochures, reports, proposals, business cards — whatever you write, Pages ’09 offers an intuitive way to create beautiful, media-rich documents using impressive features you know how to use right away.

GarageBand ’09 (90 minutes)

Learn how GarageBand can take you from the recording studio to the radio booth. Not only can you compose and record music directly into your Mac, now you can also create and record podcasts with or without music and post them on the web. No music or broadcasting experience required.

iWeb ’09 (90 minutes)

You’re ready to take your website, blog, or podcast to the next level. With iWeb, create web sites and blogs complete with podcasts, photos, and movies. When it’s time to take your podcasts live, iWeb makes it quick and simple.

Keynote ’09 (90 minutes)

Amaze your audience with cinema-quality presentations that are easier than ever to create. Use the new features in Keynote ’09 — the latest version of Apple’s powerful presentation software — to tell your story effectively and dramatically.

• • • SAL SOGHOIAN • • •

Introduction to AppleScript (90 minutes)

Using materials from the official Apple Training book, AppleScript 1-2-3, Sal guides you, step-by-step in learning the fundamentals of this powerful automation technology. This class is designed for those new to AppleScript, especially those with little or no programming experience. If your toughest technical accomplishment is calculating a column of numbers in Excel, this class is for you!

Automator A to Z (90 minutes)

Ever wonder what that robot icon in the Applications folder is about? He’s Otto, your Personal Automation Assistant, who can turn complex into simple, and repetitive into routine. Become an Automation Chef as you learn how to create “automation recipes” using a simple drag-and-drop process of combining pre-made automation nuggets into a sumptuous automation feast. Bring your chef’s hat and your laptop. No experience necessary.

Services in Snow Leopard (90 minutes)

Without a doubt, the best feature of Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) is the newly revamped Services menu. Services are now contextual, convenient, configurable, and customizable, delivering the power of automation to the tip of your mouse cursor. Make your own application launchers, text editing, image manipulating, and audio processing tools that are available when and where you need them. If you want to truly get the most out of Snow Leopard, take this class!

Here is the video of this talk.

• • • JASON SNELL • • •

iPhone App Gems (90 minutes)

With 60,000 apps to choose from, how do you find the very best? Macworld’s own Jason Snell will present you with a massive collection of great iPhone apps, giving you some great ideas about the very best apps — from amazingly fun to deeply productive — that you’ll need to get on your phone ASAP.

Mac Gems (90 minutes)

The Mac world is full of great, low-cost software that can dramatically improve your Mac-using life. The only catch is, they’re generally made by small companies you’ve never heard of. That’s where Macworld comes in. In this session, Jason Snell gives you a tour of great Mac programs that will make you more productive and informed, and make your Mac more fun! We guarantee that when you’ll be done you will have found several programs that you’ll need to add to your Mac right away.

Audio recording of this talk.
Here are the slides (1mb file) [the list].
Here is the video of this talk.

Apple Does Video (90 minutes)

From iMovie to iPhone to iTunes to Apple TV, Apple’s gotten into video in a big way. This session answers all your burning video questions, from the best ways to convert your DVDs to watch them on an iPhone, to tips and tricks for using iMovie and QuickTime.

Here are the slides (1mb file).

• • • DERRICK STORY • • •

Photographers: Work More Efficiently in Photoshop CS4 (half day)

With each new release, Adobe has added a handful of photographer-friendly tools to Photoshop, little gems that you might not be aware of. Yet, when incorporated into your workflow, these tools can make a world of difference. In this session, Derrick Story will show you how to work more efficiently in Photoshop, Bridge, and Adobe Camera Raw. You can even build a workflow that rivals Lightroom, but with the tools you probably already have on your hard drive. Plus, you’ll learn the best ways to retouch your portraits with simple recipes that work with all versions of Photoshop.

  1. Intelligent Importing
    • Use Photo Downloader to backup and add metadata during import.
  2. Sort with Ease Using Bridge
    • Quick Review Mode (CMD-B)
    • Side by side comparison (Hold down CMD key to bring up Loupe, CMD key also to move loupes in unison)
    • Full screen mode (spacebar)
  3. Get Organized in Bridge
    • Collections — Ability to play with our photographs without compromising their organizational structure.
    • Smart Collections
  4. Edit Nondestructively in Adobe Camera Raw
    • Auto White Balance Tool (i)
    • Targeted Adjustment Tool (t)
    • Spot Removal (b)
    • Adjustment Brush (k)
    • Graduated Filter (g)
    • Sharpening Mask
    • Build a history with Snapshots (Shift-CMD-S)
  5. Save Photoshop for Your Best Work
    • Adjustment Panel for “best practices” workflow
    • Save back to your originals folder so preserve your organization
    • Smooth Zooming and Bird’s Eye view (CMD-1 for 100%, then H for Bird’s Eye)
    • Tabbed interface (CMD-~ to switch among them)
    • Smooth rotation (R)
    • Photoshop recipes just for photographers (does not require CS4)

How I Did It: A Course in High Impact Photography (half day)

Have you ever looked at a photograph and thought to yourself, “I wonder how he did if?” Many high impact photos are a combination of opportunity and technique. In this workshop, Derrick Story will show you examples of compelling photographs and explain how they were captured. By the end of the day, you will have learned many of the secrets that top shooters use to distinguish their work from others.

Topics covered include: night photography, perspective, decisive moment, panoramas, landscape, and more.

Getting the Most Out of Aperture (half day)

Aperture is a complete post production tool for serious digital photographers. Once you capture the images, Aperture handles uploading, organizing, archiving, image processing, and output. This application is especially appealing to photographers who prefer to use Raw format. Aperture lets you manage your Raw files — from importing, to processing, to printing — without ever having to think about the conversion process, and all with no compromise to your original file. This half day workshop introduces you to all of Aperture’s major functions, making post production as enjoyable as capturing the images in the first place.

  • Output your slideshows to QuickTime, DVD, and for the Web so you can easily share them with others.
  • Manage multiple iPhoto libraries and switch between them as needed.
  • Customize your web galleries using basic HTML.
  • Archive and backup your work so it is safe for years to come.

This class is for those who are already familiar with iPhoto and want to get the most from it.

Introduction to Aperture (half day)

Even though Aperture can meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographer, it is very accessible for amateurs — especially if you take this 3-hour introductory course by Derrick Story. You’ll get an overview of the entire application, including:

  • Shoot Raw with confidence without having to worry about post production headaches.
  • Take advantage of Aperture’s robust database to manage hundreds of projects.
  • Archive your work so your creative investment is protected for years to come.
  • Process your images to reach their full potential using Aperture’s non-destructive editing tools.
  • Output your pictures to a variety of media, from print to web.
  • Tap the power of metadata to attach the information you need included with each photo.
  • Upgrade your workflow from iPhoto to Aperture.

Soon, you will have designed the perfect photo workflow for you using Aperture’s versatile tools.

• • • ANDY IHNATKO • • •

Making a House Network Into a Home Network (90 minutes)

Your Mac makes networking simple. Maybe a little bit too simple. It takes just seconds to get a new Mac on the Internet and too many people stop there, never imagining how simple it is to build a network that delivers a titanic array of services to your whole home.

In the first 45 minutes we’ll be talking about setting up and expanding your network using switches and WiFi base stations, so that everything can talk to everything else and do so securely. In the second 45 minutes we’ll learn all about the glorious array of features built into the Mac OS that allow you to share files, printers, music and video libraries, and even connect to your home Macs from anywhere in the world.

Finally, we’ll go shopping and take a look at some extra hardware you can buy to expand your network’s capabilities even further. Like dedicated file servers that put all of your family photos, documents, media, and backups in a safe, central repository. And gear that shares the handiest hardware in your house with any computer in the home … the video camera in the baby’s room, the hi-def TV and 200-watt stereo in the living room … even your cable box and its 400 channels of programming can be freed from its perch.

Audio recording of this talk.

1000 Tips in 90 Minutes (90 minutes)

I have a lot of love to give, ladies and gentlemen. But that’s not relevant. I also have thousands of tips, tricks, and techniques to share. You don’t need to buy movies from the iTunes Store, you know; you can just convert the DVDs that you already own into video files that you can play in iTunes and sync to your iPod and iPhone. There are special times in the year when you should never buy a Mac. Do you know what they are?

And if you can build a tactical heads-up-display in-car navigational device for less than 2 cents, then that part of it probably won’t interest you. Otherwise, it’s pure tabasco.

I’m not entirely sure we’ll get through all 1000 in 90 minutes, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

The Nooks and Crannies of the MAC OS (90 minutes)

You never know what’s in the house until you start rummaging through the closets. iTunes and Safari and Mail get all the glory … but didn’t you know that there’s a utility in Leopard that lets you create tiny pockets of encrypted, password-protected storage vaults on your hard drive to keep your sensitive information far from prying eyes? An image utility that can automatically take a whole memory card full of photos and turn them into an album in your iPhoto library, a set of snapshot-sized JPEGs published to your personal website, and a burned backup DVD automatically, while you’re off somewhere eating waffles? A Microsoft Word-compatible word processor that can serve the needs of most casual users?

This session will be a guided tour through the Greatest Hits of all those apps you get for free that you’ve never heard of.

iPhone Fully Loaded (90 minutes)

You've got 32 gigabytes of storage to fill on your iPhone. Now how do you fill it? This session will talk about how to convert anything you have on your desktop or in your life into data that you can sync to your iPhone. From DVDs to over-the-air TV shows to capturing streaming audio and video from the net to comic books, paper books, and all of your Microsoft Office documents, if there’s still free space left on your iPhone, you’re just not trying.

• • • BEBO WHITE • • •

Up, Up, and Away With Cloud Computing (90 minutes)

If you’ve picked up some of the buzz on “Cloud Computing,” you’ve probably wondered if it’s just “blue sky” or “pie in the sky” (that’s enough bad jokes). However, Cloud Computing is very real and can be used to increase your personal and business productivity. Imagine freeing yourself of the hardware limitations (processor speed, disk space, etc.) and software limitations (application licenses, etc.) of your current computer and having your data and programs follow you wherever you go. In this talk, Bebo will describe the concepts of Cloud Computing, resources that are currently available, and how to get you started.

Here are the slides (5mb file).

Social Networking — Why and How? (90 minutes)

Do you belong to a social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.) or an “antisocial network” (to paraphrase Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me...”). Computer-based social networking is here to stay and is reshaping many of the fundamental ways that people interact with one another. They can be extremely powerful tools as well as potentially dangerous environments. This talk will examine the underlying concepts of social networking, pros and cons of the current networking spaces, and even how to set up your own social network.

Audio recording of this talk.
Here are the slides (8mb file).
Here is the video of this talk.


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